Sunday, January 23, 2011

Faith, Food and Family

Today has been a pretty good day. I started the day by going to church. I sat with Amy, who is the daughter of the preacher (our former preacher) who married us. She is sweet, and I always feel comfortable around her. I think we could become friends if we made the time and effort. She offered to go walking with me in the mall after I told her I wanted to start mall walking. I think I'll take her up on that. Whew! What a bunny trail I took.

I am having a crisis of faith at the moment, and sometimes it is hard for me to get myself to church. But, I keep on going. I suppose my belief is not totally gone since I keep showing up at services and my women's small group. Our group meets on Monday nights. There's usually about six to seven women of varying ages that go. We have been reading and discussing one of Stormie Omartian's books. I was fortunate enough to hear her at a conference this past Fall, and her life's story is very inspiring. If you haven't yet read one of her books, I highly recommend them. I really enjoy my small group. In fact, since I've been going, I feel more a part of the church than I ever have. That's saying a lot since I have gone there since I was an infant.

Physically, I didn't do too bad today. I ended up taking a two hour long nap...that's unusual for me. I can still tell when I need a dose of Mestinon, and I am considering asking the doctor if I can take it more often. Maybe a smaller dose more often instead of a larger dose spaced further apart? My GI problems briefly gave me problems today. Tim and I went to Subway for lunch (Katie has worked there for five years now, and it's always nice to see her) and I had a six-inch ham sandwich with lots of veggies. The problem was I also had a few potato chips. Tim pointed this out to me after I had made several trips to the bathroom (sorry for the visual). I had just told him a few hours before about how I thought chips didn't agree with me anymore. When will I learn? Thankfully, the episode wasn't nearly as bad as previous ones. Still, I have spent much of the day with the heating pad over my sore abdomen. I also have no desire to eat. It feels as if my stomach is still full. I'm afraid I'm going to have to have a colonoscopy at this rate. I'm really worried about how my body would handle the fasting and the endless trips to the potty as that does a number (no pun intended) on me. We shall see. Perhaps I need to get serious about what I'm putting in my body. In addition to that, I probably need to make a food diary. It couldn't hurt, and it probably would help. So, that settles it. I'll start one tomorrow.

It seems as though I hardly see the kids much at all anymore. Of course, Aaron is away at IU, so that's understandable. But, the girls both still live here. Katie drives out to USI every day for classes. Her schedule is grueling this semester. Three nights a week she has classes until 9:00 pm. At least she doesn't have to be out at school too early. I think her first class doesn't start until noon. She's also working two days a week at Subway. Elizabeth is busy with school, her boyfriend, babysitting, and church activities. She's a cheerleading coach for our Church's Upward program, and she is also currently working in a paid staff position as a nursery worker every Sunday (she's filling in for someone who is on maternity leave). The other day, I was thinking about how I wish we could all sit down for dinner together. How important that is for a family. When I was a kid we always, always sat down together for meals. I'm afraid I've not done as good a job with that as my parents did. Between Tim's work schedule and the kids' activities, we didn't eat together nearly as often as I would have liked. I hope my kids do a better job of making sure they get that family meal time in. It's never too late for us, though; maybe I will try to make at least a few family meals mandatory every week.'s a thought.

Well, I guess I'll close here. I suppose I need to rustle up something to put in my tummy. Nothing sounds good, though. I'm hoping that these episodes will at least help with my weight loss.

Bye for now.


  1. Hi! It sounds like you've been doing better than I have about getting out and getting around..esp. to church. I feel so guilty; I've not been since before I had my surgery. I really had intended on going this weekend, but Sam was sick and it was SO cold :(
    Do you have irritable bowel? Just a thought :)
    Your girls sounds so busy..I'm such a homebody..I can't imagine..I know I was a busy person too at that age.
    Subway sounds yummy!!
    Hugs!!! Jerelene
    PS...Have you ever heard of a BBC show called Lark Rise to Candleford? I started watching it on you tube. It is addictive :) TTYS

  2. Oh...I LOVE your quote about's really nice :)

  3. Hi Jerelene~Hey, don't worry about not getting out to church; you just had surgery!! It helps that my church is less than five minutes from my house. lol

    I was diagnosed with IBS when I was a teenager and I have had trouble with it off and on, but what I'm dealing with now seems different. Hopefully, it will resolve itself soon.

    I haven't heard of that show; I'll have to check it out. Isn't the internet amazing? It sure makes it easier when you are stuck in the house so much of the time.

    The quote is written by a woman who has written several books on illness. I'm going to check one out at the library tomorrow. I'll let you know what I think.

    Take care!