Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm really sick of being sick!!

So far, I have spent most of the day in bed. I am feeling a little weak and fatigued (I have felt much worse, though). I know I have been pushing myself, so today is a down day. My GI issues are bad today too; I'm sure that contributes to the weakness. I am trying to eat light today. I started the day with a cereal bar, but even that was too much, and my gut rumbled in protest. I made some good old Campbell's chicken noodle soup and have been sipping that. Oh, I did have some fat free chocolate pudding. So far, so good. Nothing has come out of either end. Sorry. That was probably too much information. My continued GI problems still make me wonder if Dr. F (neuro from Indy) was right with her suspicion of mitochondrial disease. Mito can affect nearly all of your body systems. It's notorious for affecting your digestive system. I do think that I do have MG though because the Mestinon is helping me so much. I suppose, God forbid, I could have both!! I'm not even going to entertain that idea.

One thing I hate about being sick is they way my house looks. I used to keep up with everything. The house was clean from top to bottom. Now, it's not. I don't clean the upstairs at all anymore. The girls live up there, and I figure it's up to them to do the cleaning. It's not always the way I'd do it, but it's probably good enough. I never go upstairs, so it is sort of out of sight out of mind to me. I concentrate on keeping the great room, kitchen and our room clean. I spend about a half an hour a day cleaning, and it seems to be enough to keep the rooms down here clean. I do tend to put off cleaning the bathrooms. Doesn't everybody? I have a hard time keeping up with the housework, so the organizing and deep cleaning never get done. I still have pictures I need to sort through and put in albums, a huge closet to clean out, and paperwork to file. Oh well, I suppose I'll get it done some day.

It looks as though we may get some more snow. Oh, joy! I sure hope they don't call off school again. We only have one left in school, and this is her senior year. It will seem strange next year not to have to worry about snow days. It truly will be an end of an era for our family. I believe we've had someone in school for 17 years!! Of course, next year we will have three in college!! I'm a little bit nervous about that. :)

Well, I guess I'll go for now. I might pop back in later. Now, back to HGTV!!

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