Thursday, January 20, 2011

It snowed again! Our fourth snowfall this season. That's a lot for us. The schools closed today, and they've already called off for tomorrow too. I really don't like to drive in the snow. I'm such a baby. I even don't like to be in the car when someone else is driving in the snow. Anyway, all of this snow is making me have a little bit of cabin fever. It's not as if I go out all of the time, I just like to know I have that option. And, this weather is taking that option away from me.

Last night Tim and I went out to dinner. We ended up having a nice time, but I felt bad at first. Yesterday I did quite a bit of housework. By the time Tim got home and I got cleaned up to go out, I was feeling pretty weak. I had taken my dose of Mestinon about three hours earlier, so it really wasn't time for another dose. I had a little bit of that old feeling I used to get. I was short of breath, weak and very fatigued. I ended up taking 15mg more of Mestinon and that, along with resting seemed to help. I knew we were going to go out so I probably should have taken it easy yesterday. Grrrrr!!!! It's so hard to know how to live sometime. I don't want to just not do anything, but I don't want to over do things. If I do over do it, my body will be forced to do nothing for a while.

I'm going to use this blog to sort out my thoughts about what I need to talk to Dr. S about. Here it goes:

1. Talk about my dose of Mestinon.....can I take more if I'm feeling bad? Take more doses?
2. Ask him about my breathing difficulties. Should I see a Pulmonologist?
3. Ask him if he would talk to Dr. F. Maybe they could coordinate my care?
4. Ask him about exercise
5. Would pt/ot help?

That's all I can think of for now.

I'm super tired. I think I'll read a bit then go to sleep.
Nighty night


  1. Sorry to hear that you are still feeling so bad. Maybe very soon they'll get things all lined up for you so that you are feeling much better. With MG do they have to try you on different medicines to find one that works best? Or do they only have a few things they normally use to treat it? I am not familiar with Mestinon..does it make you tired? I'll have to look it up.
    Better go for now....Hugs, Jerelene

  2. Thanks Jerelene! Mestinon is usually the first thing they give you for MG. It has very few side effects and it really does work for most people. It doesn't make me tired. When I first started I had an upset stomach, but that seems to have subsided. Sometimes they do have to use other meds to supress the immune system. Do look it up because I'm not good at explaining how it works. lol Thanks for following my blog. I'll follow yours too!

    Love ya!