Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!! (said in a loud booming voice)

It's nearly four a.m., and I'm awake. I woke up sore and stiff. Today, rather yesterday, was a long day. I went out to the University with Elizabeth and her friend Justine (Cindy's daughter) for a campus visit. We went on a tour of the campus, and wow! Just wow! I walked so much. Elizabeth commented that her legs were so sore, and she couldn't imagine how mine felt. Honestly, I think I was just running on adrenaline. I knew I'd crash and burn later, but I made it through the morning just fine. We had such a great time! Justine reminds me so much of her mother; she's so funny, smart and kind, just like Cindy. She really has that same goofy sense of humor that Cindy had. I really want to continue to do things to help Cindy's girls; to somehow be in their lives.

I'm thinking today will sort of be a down day for me. After yesterday, I will need one. Now, if I can only stick to that. It seems as if I always realize some errand that has to be ran, or paperwork that I need to do, etc. Tim could do some of these things and he would if I asked him, but we have just gotten into this habit of running all the errands together. It's part of our together time. I hate to say no to him, but, I really don't think he always understands how sick I am. How in a matter of minutes, I can go from feeling fine to feeling like I have to be in bed right this second! I guess I'll try my best and see how the day pans out. Oh, I'm not planning on going to church. I may change my mind, but for now, I think I'll just listen to a sermon online. Gotta love the internet!

Warning the following material may be TMI for some of my followers: My GI system continues to stage a protest. Luckily, I didn't have any troubles on the tour. In fact, nothing is moving at all. On the way home from the campus visit, we stopped and at a local restaurant. I had a kids meal which consists of a hamburger, drink, small fry and a scoop of ice cream. I was able to eat a few fries and half of the burger (and of course the scoop of ice cream). I took the rest home and ate it for supper. You'd think the pounds would just be falling off of me considering how little I can eat these days, but they aren't. I mean I am losing some, but not nearly what I would have thought. I guess that's a good thing. I'm afraid though that some of the pounds are due to being a little stopped up (I know TMI, sorry). I'm bloated and cramping. Thankfully, it's not severe. I have come to the realization that my trunk muscles (chest and abdomen) are weak. Part of my problem with constipation is not having the abdominal muscles to push things along. They just aren't there; this is probably something else I need to discuss with the doctor. I really need to sit down and finish up that list.

On a spiritual note, so far my plan to be an encourager to others has been a bust. I need to get some stamps and cards. Maybe I will let that be one of the few things I do today. Something else, the night before our college visit I was feeling so, so very bad physically. I was really concerned about how I would do. So, I emailed Brandi from my small group, and she sent out a prayer request to all of the members. Well, let me tell you, I think those prayers worked. I was able to make it through the morning without too much trouble. Plus, I could really feel God's presence. I know that may sound silly, but, at times, I just felt this warmth and love surrounding me. As Cindy would say; "it's a God thing."

Well, I guess I'll wrap this up and head off to bed.

Have a blessed day everyone.

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