Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Love My Life....Counting My Blessings

I'm sitting here taking a break from my job. It's a job that I love! The best part is I get to do it from home. I'm sitting on the recliner, with my electric throw wrapped around my legs, a diet coke on the end table, headphones playing Christian music from K-Love radio, and I'm working!!!! Tomorrow, I will go into the office (weather permitting) and work for a few hours. I have the perfect balance between working from home and working in the office. I enjoy going into the office; talking with my boss about our next project, what we are making for dinner, etc. I always feel as if my work is appreciated. I work for a small family owned company; a company that values its employees and treats them with respect. I am lucky to be able to work from home and also get disability because I know I couldn't work full time now. But, working just a little makes me feel like I'm contributing not only to my family's income but society. I feel blessed in this area of my life.

The medical professionals who care for me are such a blessing. It took me a long time, but I finally found the right team of doctors to treat me. I have a great PCP here in town and a neurologist in Indianapolis. Both have helped me. My neurologist never gave up on me. She believed in me, and she helped me continue to believe in myself. My PCP took a chance and is treating me for a disease that doesn't always fit a cookie-cutter pattern when it comes to a diagnosis. In the future, I may need a pulmonologist and a gastroenterologist, but for now, I think I'm covered.

I am blessed because of my friends. I have friends who have known me since I was two or three years old. Friends from high school. Friends from early in my marriage. Friends from La Leche League. Friends from Church. Even friends I've met through the internet. Modern day pen pals. Some I'm closer to than others. I have what I call "possible, future friends". People I would like to get to know better and become closer to. Some friendships have been somewhat lost in time. Yet, with little effort, a connection is made once again. Every friend I have holds a special place in my heart. I am very lucky.

Finally, I am blessed because of my family. I was lucky enough to be adopted into a wonderful, loving family. Because of them, I am who I am today. I'd like to think that the lessons I learned from them and the love I received from them has been passed on to my children. I have a caring, dedicated husband. I have loving, hard-working, caring children. No, things haven't always been perfect, but what matters has always been there. Love.

Living with a chronic illness makes it too easy to dwell on the negatives in our life. And, there is a time for that to be sure. But, it's good to remember all that we have to be thankful for.

Yes, I am very blessed.

Have a blessed day!


  1. I was so happy to read this post today!! I know how down you felt the other day.

    Every day is a blessing, if we look hard enough we can find something good even on the worst of days....

  2. Thanks Rachel! You are so right about looking for the good in every day. I am normally a very optimistic, happy person; however, on my bad days I sometimes get too worried about things, and the negative creeps in. The happiness doesn't come as easy as it used to, but I push on.