Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No News is No News

I didn't hear from the doctor today, but I really didn't expect to. The tests didn't come back until around noon, and I can see where it could take a while for them to be read and delivered to the doctor.

I've decided that whatever I have it's a very strange disease! I was in so much pain yesterday morning when I first woke up that I took a half a Lortab (Yay me!). Apparently, I said some pretty goofy things while I was under the influence. I did feel good!! I felt like I was floating and just in a real peaceful state; most importantly, the pain was nearly gone. So, I just woke up after being asleep for about two or three hours and wow! Just wow! The pain and stiffness are back, just like they were yesterday morning. My joints are swollen again too. The swelling is worse in the morning, or after I've been asleep, or after I've been up moving around. But, at times, my joints can look nearly normal. I was so happy I had the pics to show the doctor. And even happier that he was willing to look at them and not dismiss me as some hyper-focused hypochondriac. Honestly, I would have found it hard to believe how the swelling can come and go within a days time. What's also weird is how my back hurts. I've done some reading (can you believe that?) and apparently the sacroiliac joint can become inflamed in arthritis. Who knew? So, I guess now I have a disease that really is a pain in the ass!

On a lighter note, I have been laughing uncontrollably this evening. No, I wasn't looking in the mirror, I was reading something Elizabeth posted on her Facebook from a website called parentsshouldn' It's funny. I'm warning you ahead of time should you decide to take a look, some of them are pretty crass.Tim just crawled into bed and fell asleep in 1.5 seconds, so I've had to ban myself from those websites. I was laughing so hard that I was afraid I'd wake him up. It feels so good to laugh. I thank God that he gave me a sense of humor. I can't imagine going through life without one.

Well, it's time for me to get back to sleep.


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