Saturday, February 19, 2011

Woe Is Me

Things sure have changed in the past twenty-four hours. And, I have to say I am more than just a little freaked out about things. Just ask my friend Cathy, whom I've sent numerous pictures of different body parts (only my limbs).

So, I think I mentioned in my last entry how I had painful, swollen joints. Well, now both of my knees and both of my ankles are swollen and very painful. My elbows, hips and wrists hurt too; although I don't see any swelling (yet). The pain is excruciating and Tylenol isn't even touching it much at all. I have pain meds here that I just need to get up enough nerve to take. I just don't like the way they make me feel. Plus, I don't want to be stoned for Elizabeth's birthday (really, I don't).

The doctor's office and I played phone tag most of the afternoon yesterday. For some reason every time the nurse would call my cell phone would go straight to voice mail. It was maddening. Anyway, when we finally spoke she said the doctor wanted to see me Monday morning. I'm so glad I can be seen so quickly. But, at this rate, I'm going to have to have some serious self-control because if I continue to feel this bad I will be tempted to go to the ER. I really don't want the high bill, though, and more importantly, I don't think it's a true emergency. If I get real bad I'll call my doctor's office and see what the on call doctor says. I could always go to an Urgent Care center if need be.

I hate that all of this is happening on Elizabeth's birthday. At least she's older and won't need (or want) me hanging around all of the time. The housework is really already all done too. She vacuumed the great room last night before she had friends over. Tim and I (or just Tim if I give up control) will run out later this morning to pick up her cake and a few more gifts. Her birthday has morphed into a two-day festival. That's OK, though, she deserves it. She had some friends come over around eight last night. They were here for a couple of hours then they went and bought some decorations for her real party tonight. They also went to IHOP; they had it all planned out that they would be there right when she turned 18.

I'm trying not to say too much to the kids about this latest development with my health. But, I do think they need to know that I don't feel well and why. I explained a little bit about how it is possible that this is another illness entirely. But, I also said that if it is what I think it might be that there are medicines you can take that will help. I don't want to scare them, but at the same time, they are old enough to know that I am sick.

I ended up not working from home at all yesterday. I have to turn my hours in on Sunday, so I would really like to try to get a few more in before then. I'll just play it by ear I guess. Besides laundry, the house is mostly clean. Other than the errands this morning that we need to do, I shouldn't have to do anything else and can rest/sleep the day away.

Please say some prayers for me and my family. Pray that whatever this is can be diagnosed quickly (I don't have a very good track record with that, though). Pray that there will be a medication that I can take that will cause very little side effects or reactions. And, pray that I am not so afraid. I hate when I get scared like this. Anything new that is pretty major like this with my health scares me. Especially when I have pain. I just can't seem to tolerate pain very well anymore without getting anxious. I guess part of it is the fear of the unknown.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Absolutely, positively, definitely you have swollen joints! Why do these things always seem to happen on Friday's???

    I hope you aren't in too much pain with all that joint action going on there. If, for some reason, your swelling has gone down by Monday, bring your laptop to show the pictures. I'm sure he has wifi.

    Has this ever happened to you before? I REALLY hope you won't have to deal with RA or any type of arthritis!!! I have the same horrible swelling problem in my joints - my chin joint, my abdomen joint, my upper arm joints and my hiknee joint.

    Do not put up with intolerable pain, because of your hesitation to take pain medication. Nothing feels better than feeling the soothing effects of the medication, when in severe pain. I also hold off as long as I can before taking it, but we both know you are worse. If you have to say you are in severe pain, that means you should have taken something. Party or no party - you need to be out of pain.....not to mention, I really want to see a picture of you with the lampshade on your head!!

    I know it is too late now, but I am hoping you asked Tim to take car of the errands this morning. Everyone loses, when you overdo it!!! It really upsets me when you push your luck Shari!!

    Don't be afraid. I have a feeling the doctor is going to know immediately what this is and get you on medication. Whatever it is, hopefully, it is a temporary flare up.

    We'll all be waiting to hear your update! ...AND HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIZABETH!!

    It sounds like your house is in ship shape! Please tell me that everyone takes care of their own laundry!?!? This should never be on your list of things to do.

    I hope you feel "good enough" today, especially with your baby's birthday!!


  2. I think I am what you are afraid of looking like when you take pain meds!!! So far today, no medication, but you would never know it by my cognitive issues!!!

    In the post above, I meant to write that I was hoping Tim was taking care, not car, of the errands. Not that you wouldn't have figured that out on your own.

    Somehow, when I posted the message, the ending of a letter I had already written, was tacked on at the end. I have NO idea how that "magically appeared"!!!

    Then I wrote this little add on to explain the piggy backed letter and as I was previewing it, it disappeared!!! I know, I know, it has to be my brain, or the spot where my brain used to be!! I am NOT going to preview this letter!

    Regardless, you deserve double XOXOXOX's, so it was a good thing!

  3. Hi Cathy~Thanks for your comments girlfriend!Yep, I'm in pain, but it's not constant though, but it is bad.You will be proud of me I took a Lortab this morning. Only a 1/2 one, but I'm up for more if needed. My doc was very receptive to looking at the pics...I just showed him the ones I took on my cell phone. He could see the swelling. HA HA on the swollen chin joint, etc. Yes, I have swelling there too..even my butt is swollen. lol

    Hey, I knew what you meant about the car/care thing. Oh, did you know you are following me twice? Is that to make me feel better? lol I thought about telling Rick about my blog, but I'm not sure he would really care.

    Thanks are a true friend. Even if I've never seen you before. You know, Mom always said imaginary friends are the best (she didn't really, but it sounds like something she'd say). ;)