Monday, March 28, 2011

Sick Again, But Still Blessed!!

I've lost count. If I had to guess, I'd say this is my fourth virus since Christmas. I don't think I've ever had a run of this much sickness my whole life. Although, I've been told I was a sickly kid. Anywho, this started suddenly, last night, with a severe sore throat and fever. So, I'm home from work today. I'm thankful that I have the laundry caught up, the kitchen cleaned and the sheets changed...I guess that's good timing. I hate to get sick when the house is a total mess. No, I'm not a bit OCD about my house. Whenever I get a virus of some kind, my other symptoms ramp up. So, I'm achy with weak and burning joints and muscles. Still, I'm thankful that I'm able to be home in bed with my laptop, TV, Kindle, good books, cell phone, etc. I'm also thankful that Tim is off today. He went out this morning and brought me back a deliciously icy cold fountain drink. So, even though I'm sick, I'm happy. :) He is out running errands, and he already said he would cook dinner tonight. I feel bad because I had two things to do tonight. One was a gathering with girls that I went to high school with, and the other was an event with Tim. I was going to try somehow to do both. Now, I'm not sure I'll get to do either. If my fever is down, I might take a few Tylenol and go with Tim for about an hour. I will have to feel a lot better, though. We shall see.

Recently, I read an article about a woman who had been fighting for years to get on disability. She had not one, but two autoimmune diseases that seriously affected her ability to work. She was still deemed healthy enough to work!! What is wrong with the system??? If I had to guess, I'd say some of it probably has to do with the Social Security Administration being conned by those who don't really deserve to be on disability. Then, there's the whole red tape involved in government programs, plus the staff cuts, etc. I know there are no easy answers, but when I think about someone who is clearly ill having to push themselves to go to work full-time (no matter how they feel) day in and day out; well, it just doesn't seem fair. And, I'm sure there may be times when the chronically ill person pushes themselves to make it to work even more than a healthy individual. They are far more likely to have higher medical bills and medication costs making good work attendance a necessity; unfortunately, not everyone has paid sick days.

So, even though I'm sick on top of having a chronic illness, I feel blessed. I'm blessed that I have family and friends who help take care of me. Blessed that I can work at a part-time job, most of which I can do from home. And, blessed that I was finally able to get disability after a three-year fight. Most of that was undoubtedly due to my sister-in-law who is an awesome disability attorney.

Have a great day everyone!

"Our prayers should be for blessings in general, for God knows best what is good for us."~Socrates


  1. I'm sorry to read you're not feeling well again. It seems like you go from one thing to another with little or no break in between. Maybe once the weather stays warmer your health will improve!

    Sending good thoughts your way...

  2. Sharon, sorry that you're sick again. That's exactly how I am all the time too..I'm sick with a stomach bug and running a temp. I had to come home and go to bed between Sam's dress rehearsal and his concert. He had to go and I was the only one who could take him. Anyway, he did a great job! I do hope that you are feeling better quickly :) Love and hugs! Jerelene