Friday, March 25, 2011

Some Days You Just Have to Take a Chance

Yesterday was that day for me. It really was all about taking a chance. It was a leap of faith. I had really wanted to go this Christian music concert (Winter Jam) ever since I knew they were coming. A few weeks ago, I asked a friend if she wanted to go. We hadn't made final plans, so I really wasn't sure if it was going to happen or not. Well, yesterday morning, I had really decided I was not going to go. It just seemed as though it would be too much. I was waiting on a return email from someone with the concert about handicapped admission. Let me explain what that means. The concert is only ten dollars and since it is only ten dollars you have to wait in line. They open the doors two hours before the concert, which could mean I would have been standing outside for several hours. Well, if you get the ok from the right person you get VIP admission. That basically means you don't have to wait in line; you just go into a special entrance as soon as the doors open. It was 5 pm, and I hadn't heard from the woman regarding the special admission. After standing in line all of five minutes, I happened to check my email and guess what? The woman had just emailed me! She apologized saying her email had been down all day. She said if I was already at the concert for me to take my phone to the VIP entrance and show them her email and they would let my group and me in! We did just that, and we were in the building, in very good seats, within five minutes!! Part of me really had difficulty in asking for this special accommodation. But, I would have had a very hard time standing outside for an hour or two. And, even if I were able to do that, I would have been in poor shape for the rest of the evening. So, I was so happy that it worked out. I'm so glad I went! I had a great time, and I was happy to get to spend some time with my friend and her son who also went with us.

I guess I just rambled on for a very long time about a seemingly simple thing. But, for me, it really was a big step. I think some individuals who are disabled have a hard time using assistive devices (canes, wheelchairs, etc. ) or asking for special accommodations. From what I've read, what usually happens, is when the person finally agrees to use whatever it is they truly need, they end up glad that they did. They get to experience life fully like everyone else. Sometimes it's not the disabled person who needs to admit they need special assistance, but their friends or family members. If an individual is a little leery about using their wheelchair or walker and someone close to them makes a comment about whether a device is really necessary, that might be all it takes for them to decide they don't really need it after all. Then, they end up paying for it with more weakness or pain, or by not being able to finish (or even attend) the event at all. It's all about being able to admit that there is a need both on the disabled persons part and those close to them. Can you tell this has been an issue for me?

Today is going to be one of those take it easy kind of days. I absolutely have to get some hours in for work. Once I had decided to go to the concert yesterday, I ended up not working at all. I also need to pay some bills and do a bit of paperwork. All pretty low key. I think the "housework fairy" has been showing up (always at night after I'm asleep...for real!!) here uninvited, but much appreciated! For the past two days, the dishwasher was unloaded, and laundry folded! I think I know who the fairy really is, and I am so grateful to her. Every bit really does help!

Tim is hoping to get away from work early tonight! Yay! I'm looking forward to catching up on our shows and just being together. The weather has turned cold again, so I really don't feel up to going out. Just a nice evening at home. Priceless!

Have a blessed day everyone!


"The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings."~Eric Hoffer

I just wanted to make myself clear about something. I do realize that there will be times that those who are chronically ill, myself included, will not be able to take chances. Sometimes we are too sick to do anything but stay in our homes or beds. But, for those times when we feel as though we can do something, but maybe a little afraid to do so, well that's when we should try and take a chance.

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  1. I am so glad that you were able to take a chance and come out to the concert :) I had such a great time being able to spend time with you :)
    You are such a dear and precious friend...
    I LOVE your quote in blue..
    Love and hugs, Jerelene
    PS...I am glad you have a housework fairy :)