Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring has Sprung! Finally!

At last, we made it to the first day of spring! I don't know what the winter was like where you live, but here it was horrid! We had more snow than we usually do and it wasn't a few big storms, it was a bunch of little ones that seemed to come nearly every week. Even a snow lover like me grew tired of it. My Lillies are pushing up through the ground; the birds are building a nest in our chimney (yes we have a cap, but these are determined birds) and the grass is greening up! Most importantly, the temperatures are warming up! Today we were in the mid-70's! I say, bring it on!!!!!

The spring weather has me itching to get out in the dirt and work in my flower bed. But, I'm not all the way healed from my back injury. So, that will have to wait. I had wanted to have enough money set aside to have someone come out and help with the landscaping, but that didn't happen. I'm thinking about having a "Garden Party." I thought I could invite some friends to come over with their gardening tools and creative minds, and we could make something out of the mess that I call a flower bed. I would feed everyone, of course. I'm not sure if the party would be a good idea or not, though. I don't want people to think I'm asking something of them. But, I guess I really am. I'll have to think on it a while.

My back seems to be healing. Although, it's not as fast as I'd like. I'm at that place where I'm able to do more, but if I do too much I end up in pain again. I'm not taking the muscle relaxers anymore. I have quite a few left so that if I ever end up not being able to move again I won't have to call the paramedics, I can just take them. I think muscle relaxers are one of those things that every household ought to have in their medicine cabinet. Too bad the FDA doesn't agree with me. I have Lortab (which apparently is also known as Vicodin...Dr. House's drug of choice) on hand too. Don't worry; I use all of my medicines as directed, and sometimes I don't use them much at all (the ones prescribed to take when needed, that is).

Oh, I did get my MRI and CT scan results. I have a herniated disc where the L spine meets the S spine (I don't have the report right here in front of me, so I hope I'm making sense).  I also have two discs in the lumbar spine that are protruding or bulging, whichever word you want to use...they were worded differently in the two reports. Apparently, some of the words are used interchangeably just adding to the confusion.

My MG seems to have calmed down a bit since last week. I'm sure getting my back pain under control, and resting helped a lot. This week I'm going to call my neuro in Indy and make an appointment for this summer. I needed to talk to Tim about it before I moved forward since his schedule dictates when we can go. I think if I see her once or twice a year it should be enough, especially if I have my PCP, who is very competent, working with her.

I'm trying to get serious about my diet again. Oh, have I mentioned that in previous posts? This time, I really mean it. I really do! I have approximately seven weeks before Aaron graduates! I figure if I get serious I should easily be able to take off ten pounds, maybe fifteen. It won't be the twenty to thirty pounds I was shooting for, but it will be better than nothing. Now that the weather is warming up I hope to be able to start walking again. I probably need to start up with my allergy meds again as the pollen count is rated as "extremely high" according to the local weather dude. Ugh! Something else to have to ingest!

Well, my bed is calling me, so I'll just end here. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself; I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along. You must do the thing you think you cannot do."~Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. I'm glad to hear your back is finally starting to feel better, and that MG is doing pretty good as well.

    I think your garden party idea sounds like fun, hopefully the warm weather is here to stay.

    Your whole body will feel better when you hit your goal weight, keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Rachel! Thanks for your sweet comments! We need to catch up. I probably owe you an email. I hope you are doing well.