Friday, March 11, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes

I think the events of the past day have all of us counting our blessings. I can hardly stand to watch the devastation in Japan. The latest footage shows survivors on roofs, waving white flags, reminiscent of the days just after Hurricane Katrina. I think living through a catastrophic event would be difficult enough for even the hardiest of persons. I can't imagine having a chronic illness and going through a disaster of that magnitude. I guess we always need to be prepared. I'm just not sure how you prepare for something like this.

Well, I'm having a flare-up of my arthritis again. I can't blame it on the weather because it's sunny and warm today. Along with the pain, swelling and stiffness in my joints, I'm having pain and stiffness in my muscles too. I've been resting most of this afternoon as I had a long morning.

I'm mad at myself because I have not been doing very well on my diet. I had really wanted to lose at least 20 pounds by May. Now, that doesn't look very likely. I know what I need to do, I'm just not doing it. I love fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats. The trouble is, I also love junk food. Anyway, I'm telling all of you this because I'm going to try to start giving updates on my diet. One of the reasons I'm bringing this up now is because I know that losing weight could really help my health. I've been doing some reading on Osteoarthritis and for every pound you lose it reduces the burden on your knees by four pounds! I know there are many other benefits to getting this weight off; I need to keep reminding myself of them.

I typed the first few paragraphs of this entry up last night before I hurt my back! Oh my goodness! I am in bad shape. I can hardly move. I guess I just pulled a muscle or something; it could also be my bad disc flaring up again. Regardless, I'm not doing very well at all. I'm having to use my cane to get out of bed. Every movement I make is excruciating. I took some Tylenol and that ended up being a mistake because I should have gone straight for the Lortab. I also took a Xanax as I thought that might help relax my muscles (and the rest of me). I'm regretting that I decided to eat the high fiber cereal for breakfast. Multiple trips to the bathroom are not helping one bit! I can really tell how weak the muscles in the rest of my body are. I've had to use my arms to help pull myself up and now they are burning and in pain. I think I'm going to have to get the walker out again. I've had flair ups of back pain before, but I don't think they've ever been this bad. I don't know if that means the injury itself is worse, or whether it's the fact that I'm so much weaker in general now.

I'll end here as it's getting too difficult to type. Prayers are appreciated.

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