Thursday, April 28, 2011

Genetics and Other Medical Stuff

I know, you must be shocked, another post from me so soon, but I just have to write about this while it's still fresh in my mind. Both of our daughters are so hypermobile; I think our youngest is more affected, but that may be because she is more physically active. Well, tonight she came home from dance class in a lot of pain. She said her knee, shoulder, and hip were all popping out of place. I told her to take some Advil and sent her to bed with an ice pack. I hate that she is having these problems, but I have to admit, it's showing me that I need to take this seriously. I'm going to call the Geneticist and see if she can come to the appointment with me. I'm not sure if I need to make a separate appointment for her or not. That's what I want to find out. In the meantime, I guess I'll call her Pediatrician and see if he can see her and if she can start Physical Therapy. I hate that I have to think about the money part of it. But, it's reality. I've met my deductible, and I don't even think she's been to the doctor this year. Of course, I won't let the money issue stop us from getting her help. I'm also not sure I want her starting PT without having someone who knows something about hypermobility giving them instructions. Certain exercises could make things worse.

Today I received my records from the Orthopedic group I see. I learned some interesting things. Apparently, I have osteoarthritis in both of my hips! I'm not surprised considering the pain that I have, but you would have thought the doctor would have thought that was something worth telling me. The notes say I have a narrowing of 10 to 20%...perhaps that is considered mild, and that's why they didn't tell me? My shoulder doctor went into detail about my hypermobile shoulders. He documented several tests that he did that pointed to a diagnosis of the hypermobility. He had wanted me to start PT, but I ended up going into a flare up soon after that appointment, and I never followed through with it. Again, this is something I think the Geneticist could help oversee. My knee doctor talked about my kneecap sublexing (sliding out of place) and also about my torn meniscus. Surgery was mentioned as a possibility several times. I had declined this because I don't feel as if I'm that bad, plus I'm not sure how my body would handle surgery (especially if it isn't something that I have to do).

Today is a beautiful day! It's sunny and warm. I took my Kindle outside and sat in the sun for about a half hour. Tim and I are going out to dinner tonight and if I'm feeling decent maybe we will take a walk down by the river. Then, it's home for some TV time. No, we aren't going to watch the recap of the Royal Wedding.

Have a great weekend!


  1. It's something how things can be a bit different in your records. The doctor tells you something, but doesn't mention something else. I've read of other people who have run into the same thing. Almost makes me want to get my records!!

    It was beautiful yesterday, finally no rain and thunderstorms!! I hope you enjoyed dinner and TV time together...

  2. Rachel~I think inaccurate or omitted records and/or miscommunication is quite common. I got in the habit of getting most of my records when I was applying for Social Security. I try now to at least get the pertinent ones whenever I can.

    We've had a few days of sunshine...Yay! I hope you are getting the same. We are suppose to get some more rain tonight. :(.