Tuesday, April 12, 2011

There's a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Well, I'm finally, finally starting to kick this nasty cold!! I'm so tired; I think I could fall asleep, right this minute, typing on the laptop. So,  it will be a nap day. It has cooled off, and I'm going to make some chili for supper. I think it won't be long and the "chili" days will be done for a while.

I flip-flopped on the geneticist again. Partly because of the research I've done, and partly because I've found a top notch geneticist within three hours of our home. I called his office today, and I now have an appointment for September. I figured I would have to get a referral, have records sent, and perform all sorts of feats to get the appointment, but it was so easy. Maybe that's a sign? I've also ordered two of his books. Before my appointment, I need to track down some medical records. Why am I getting a sense of Deja vu? The records will mostly pertain to my sprains, back issues, and knee problem and things that could be connected to hypermobility. I also plan on printing up some information on EDS/Hypermobility to take to my PCP when I see him next month. I think he will be interested in learning about it. He may already know a lot about it, but just in case, I'll have something to show him.

My joints and muscles are really hurting today. I'm guessing part of it has to do with me trying to exercise and also performing some of the hypermobility diagnostic tests on myself (it's pretty scary what I can do). It's also stupid to be putting my body into all sorts of positions as it is not good for my joints, and to be honest; it hurts like hell! But, it is also giving me an idea of why my body does hurt because a lot of these maneuvers are things my body does on its own on a daily basis.

My medical bills are starting to come in from my herniated disc. All I can say is, "OUCH!" I just got one of the hospitals paid off, and I'm going to have to start all over again. With us having a high deductible insurance plan, and my health problems, it's just a given that we will always have medical bills to pay. I guess I just need to get used to it.

In other news, tonight, I'm going to try and wrestle Elizabeth down to get started with the graduation party planning. I think this won't be too difficult, and it will be something we can do while watching TV. Stay tuned.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!


  1. Oy Vey with the medical bills...same with us!

    I'm happy to hear that you found a doctor two hours closer - that's great. September seems so far away, but like always, the time will fly by. I have a feeling you will leave his office with a ton of information for you and your girls.

    Happy that you are getting over your cold They can really be miserable! Not to mention, they probably worsen your every day issues.

    Have fun planning Elizabeth's graduation party! Remember the "Delegation" song to the tune of "Celebration"??? Don't forget!!

    You have so many exciting things coming up. This is a banner year for your family :)


  2. Hello Cathy! I am super excited about seeing this doctor! I know we will finally get some answers.

    My cold is better, but i still don't have my voice back. It has been suggested that I don't talk for a few days, that that might help....hmmm not sure I can do that. lol

    I'm working on the delegating. I have the music all cued up. ;)

    I'll email you soon since I cannot talk. Grrrrr!!!

    Love ya!