Saturday, May 14, 2011

Same Story a Different Day

Is it the weekend yet? It sure doesn't seem like it is. When you are sick, the weekend just doesn't bring with it the same sense of fun and adventure as it used to (did it ever?). Mentally, I am happier than I've been in a long time. There's something about having all of your kids under one roof...even if they are grown, or nearly grown. We are settling into our summer routines quite well. Although, Elizabeth's summer doesn't officially start until after she graduates on the 28th.

Physically, I'm a mess. If I don't do anything, I'm in pain, and I'm weak. If I attempt to do much, I'm in a ton of pain and very weak. It's been a week since I started on this downhill slide and I have not come out of it. Not even close. I don't think it's ever taken me this long to recover from overdoing it. I have been sleeping a ton. Except for today, I have taken a nap every day for the past three or four days. I know my body must need the extra rest. I did not go into my office this past week until yesterday, and I was only there for an hour. I'm starting to think about not going into work at all. I would have to train someone to do what I've been doing. It shouldn't be that difficult to do. The work I do in the office is time sensitive, plus it has to be done there due to needing to use the server and software on my computer. I'm going to talk to Tim about it, then bring it up to my boss. I'm only going in two days a week for about three hours, which doesn't seem like much. But, I still have to get up, get dressed, drive to work, and go up this massive staircase to my office. It takes a lot out of me. I am planning on quitting work entirely within two years. By then we should be completely out of debt (except for our house) and have an emergency fund of about three months in place. I don't think I will feel right about quitting before then. Of course, if my health continues to deteriorate I will have to change my plans

I have several doctor's appointments I probably need to make. The bad thing is, I'm just too sick to go now. I mean, I could probably drag myself there, but afterwards, I'd be in worse shape than I'm in now. So, I think I'll hang on and wait it out a little longer. I want to go to the Geneticist in September. In fact, when things aren't so hectic around here (maybe in July?) I'm going to call and see if I can't get in sooner. All my records are here and ready to go, and I took pics of both girls so I can show him.

I'm so excited about Elizabeth's graduation party. I love, love to entertain. But, as those of you who have a chronic illness know, once you get sick it's never the same. I have to delegate (yes, I do, Cathy), and I also have to let some things go. Being a type A gal is so hard when you have an illness. I just finished sending out her graduation announcements along with an insert about her party. So, that can be checked off my list. Tim, Elizabeth and I sat down and finalized the menu. There's still shopping for the food and decorations. Then there's the cleaning, decorating, and cooking. I've decided I'm going to pay to have someone come in and clean our sofa and loveseat. And, I might have them do our carpets too. Although, I think our carpet shampooer does almost as good of a job. If I decide not to have the pros shampoo it, I'll have Tim or one of the kids do it instead (don't worry, I won't do it myself). It looks as though we will have about 100 people here, but probably not all at once. I hope the day is not too hot so most everyone can be outside. Our house just isn't set up for a large group of people.

Well, I guess I've rambled on long enough. I'm one sleepy girl, so I'm going to head to bed.

Blessings, Shari

"Hope is the physician of each misery."~Irish Proverb

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