Monday, June 6, 2011

What a Day!

It's after 11:30 pm here and I really should be asleep. I'm guessing there's so much adrenaline surging through my body right now (and, ok, maybe just a wee bit of caffeine) that I can't shut down. Today was Elizabeth's graduation party; we had a few rocky moments, but overall, everything went great! Best of all, I felt decent. I had taken a half an hour nap before everyone got here and I think that helped me more than anything. I'm so hoping I don't have a crash tomorrow, which is often the case following a big event like today.

I'll tell you a little bit about how the day went (it seems like I never know what to say). Tim got up bright and early and got his smoker started. I think he was up by 5 am. Poor guy. He didn't get home from work until midnight. I know he's got to be exhausted. He was grilling until about 3 in the afternoon. He made ribs, pork butt, barbecue chicken, smoked chicken, polish sausage and hot dogs!! We had chips, Cole slaw, macaroni salad, a hot cheesy potato dish that Tim's mom makes (she made two batches!), and baked beans (my contribution). And, of course, we had cake, brownies (I made), and chocolate chip cookies (Tim's mom made two batches of them too). Oh, and watermelon! Elizabeth requested watermelon, so we had that too. We ended up with a lot of food left over and towards the end of the day I was standing at the door begging people to take some food home with them. We will have plenty of leftovers this week.

So, this morning Elizabeth and I went out to find some tablecloths and balloons. It was a sunny morning, and there were a few clouds but nothing too concerning. Well, we hadn't been gone for more than five minutes when I could see that a storm was quickly moving in. Before we'd left the house, we had put up a canopy that Elizabeth's friend had let us borrow. I knew it wasn't anchored down, and I was concerned that it might blow away or get destroyed. So, we called Tim. He was home alone because he'd just sent Aaron out to get ice and Katie was at work. I can see him now, trying to fold the canopy up while fighting the wind. Well, let's just say the wind won.I'm sure he had a few choice words to say. The wind blew it up, and it hit our two back porch lights shattering the bulbs. The next door neighbor heard the commotion and came running over to help. About this time, Aaron gets home, and he also helps in the fight with the canopy. The canopy was damaged, but still usable. I had the idea to get some duct tape and tape the cross bars back together, but first, I put a metal shim into the bars, to make it a little more stable. Of course, we didn't have any duct tape or shims, so we had to stop at the hardware store. After picking up her cake, we went to the party supply store and bought her balloons. Luckily, the storm had ended, and we were able to shove them into the car. Are you worn out yet? Or, maybe bored to tears? This is what my insomnia will get you.

After we get everything in the house, I get Aaron to go with me to take the dog to Tim's Mom's house. He doesn't do very well when we have a lot of people here, so we usually just take him over to his "grandma's" house. Well, we got over there, and his mom was still at church, and I had no way to get in her house! I took the dog out back and let him run around her fenced yard for a bit, then headed back to the car. I figured I could run an errand and give her more time to get home. While I was in the store, Aaron called me from the car saying that something was wrong with Elmo. That he couldn't walk and he was limping. I wondered how Aaron could tell that he was limping because he was just sitting on his lap??? Once I got out to the car, I noticed that Elmo's  paw was bleeding. Oh great! We headed back to Grandma's and within a few minutes she was there. In the meantime, I had Elmo out on his leash, and he seemed to be walking pretty well. I guess his toenail may have somehow got caught on Aaron's shorts and ripped his skin a bit.

I won't go on and on, but I will tell you one of the reasons I'm still awake. It's the dog. He has a nasty cough, and I'm so worried about him. I don't know whether he just barked so much today or if he inhaled something or what. It sounds croupy, so I did what any good dog owner would do and took him into the bathroom and held him while I had the hot shower running. He seemed a bit better, but still not 100%. I gave him a Benadryl hoping to calm him down enough to sleep. He's still coughing a bit. I have to say that it scares me. I know that he won't live forever. In fact, at 15 years of age, you could say his days are numbered. I think what makes the whole situation so sad is that ever since I got real sick, we have sort of neglected him. We feed him, walk him, bathe him, but he's a year past due on his shots! We've never done that. He's never around any other animals, so that makes me feel a bit better, but I know he still needs to go to the vet. Plus, we have been fighting with his ears forever! He always seems to come down with an infection. We have ear drops for him, but we have to muzzle him to get them in his ears. It's such an ordeal. I don't think I will be able to sleep at all tonight as long as he's still coughing. Of course, Tim could sleep through anything. I know he's exhausted, though, so I'll forgive him this time.

Well, I should probably go and try and get some rest. It's been a long day. I have to say it was fun, but I'm glad that it's over. It was the last "big event" of the summer for us. We've had two graduations, one dance recital, and one graduation party! Whew! Now, we can relax. I am going to get on the phone in the next few weeks and see if I can't get our appointment with the geneticist moved up. But, that probably won't be until July, so we can still have some down time.

I hope you can sleep better than a baby!


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