Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dieases & Diets

I didn't realize that it had been so long since I updated my blog. Life has been crazy here. Our "new addition" is keeping me hopping (then limping, if truth be told). In addition to the puppy craziness, we are getting Elizabeth ready to move into the dorm in a few weeks. Then, there's the everyday stuff we all have to do. I'm okay, though. I seem to thrive on being busy, especially, if I'm in a good place physically (which I have mostly been, except for my joints).

I finally got the MG test done. I truly feel as if I had to jump through hoops to get it. I spent two hours at the lab one day just waiting for them to get in touch with the doctor as they could not read his handwriting and, therefore, didn't exactly know what test to perform!!! It would be an understatement to say that I was not a very happy girl that day. Anyway, it was done the following week, and now I'm just waiting on the results. In the meantime, my joints have been popping out of place more than ever, my hands, neck, and elbows have now joined my knees and shoulders in the party!!  Not fun!!

I just had a thought,  perhaps the medicine I am taking for the MG is causing me to have more problems with my joints? It's worth looking into I suppose. I have been taking the MG medicine since last October though and my joint problems didn't start to get really bad until a month or so ago, so I'm not sure if there's a correlation there or not. Whatever is causing the increase in symptoms, it's becoming clear to me that I might not be able to hold off on getting things checked out until I see the Ehlers-Danlos specialist. It's not a money thing that's keeping me away (I've long ago met my deductible), it's more the worry that the Physical Therapist that I will have to see won't have a clue about dealing with EDS. I've ready stories about an uninformed PT making things worse. I do not need that. On the other hand, if they could help me with taping and bracing of my joints that could help and wouldn't likely hurt me. I guess I'll mull it over a bit more.

So, I finally started to eat better! I have been logging my diet, entering my calories and activities into an app on my phone. I started out great with the weight loss, losing about five pounds right off the bat. But, things have slowed way down. I mean, way down!! I've not lost anything in over a week and a half!! I don't feel as if I can cut my calories much more (I'm only eating 12 to 1500 a day as it is!). And, as far as activity goes, I'm moving around more, quite a bit more since we got Pumpkin. Today, I decided to cut calories, even more, to see if I can jump start things. I have a feeling some of this may be due to the normal weight fluctuations  women go through over the course of a month. Then, there's the whole *** TMI alert***...not going to the turlet regularly thing which needs to be factored in here. Not to be crass, but I swear if I could just go and let it all out (so to speak) I'd lose about five pounds right there. The whole bathroom issues are probably partly related to the collagen effects of the Ehlers Danlos, at least that's what I've read. My plan now is to try and increase my water intake, reduce calories for at least a few days, and increase the exercise (which for me, wont be by much). Wish me luck!

Speaking of diet and exercise, Tim has really gone to town! He's lost about 25 pounds now!!! I'm so happy for him! He's been walking about three miles a day and, of course, he watches what he eats. I have to admit though that I wish it were that easy for me to lose the pounds. Now, I know it's not been that easy, as it takes a certain amount of dedication, time and willpower to lose all that he's lost. But, still, I feel as if diet wise, we are eating about the same amount, after you factor in the whole women-can-only-eat-half-as-much-as men diet thing!! Which, I think totally sucks! Sorry, I really do! I so want to be thinner by our 25th anniversary. I only have eight weeks to go, though! :(  I'll just keep trying. That's really all I can do.

I suppose I should get off of my duff and get a few things done around here. Pumpkin is sleeping, and that means I can leave her alone and not worry about her eating my shoes or the couch!

Have a great Sunday!


"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiam" ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. Pumpkin is so cute, but it's just like having a new baby in the house!

    Therapy and EDS can be tricky, some people benefit very well from the excercises, others don't. Have you tried walking? Even short distances can be very beneficial!

    Make sure to drink plenty of water, it's good for ALL your medical problems and much healthier than diet coke!! Lot's of fruits and veg are also good for shedding the pounds.

    Hoping all goes well with your EDS appointment and MuSk test. I'm sure it will be a relief when you finally know something.

    Thank you for your kind words and prayers. It's been a bit tough, but we'll get through it.