Friday, September 30, 2011

Pain, Pain Go Away!

I thought I could feel it coming on yesterday, but I was so hoping it was just my imagination. Then, this morning I woke up and BAM! Oh my! The pain really is excruciating! Many times when I have pain I try to decide if Tylenol will do, or do I bring out the big gun Lortab (aka Vicodin)? Let's just say, today I wont have any trouble making that decision.

I'm continuing to have more and more joint partial dislocations. Last night, my knee went out of place when I was on my laptop (I know, so random), it hurt so bad that I jerked my laptop up and hit myself in the face! I guess that's an EDSers double hitter? Bad joke, I know. I'm considering getting out my ankle and knee brace, both are from a previous attempt at stabilizing my joints. I'm looking forward (mostly) to our trip to Cincinnati next week. I hope they can help me come up with a physical therapy routine that I can do and that will help.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to spend much of today in bed. I had so much I wanted to get done today too. Maybe after I take the Lortab I will be able to get some things done. Not much. Just a few small things. I do have some phone calls and paper work that I can probably get done from the bed. I am such a type A, can you tell? Trying to get things done while on bed rest. I just hate not being productive. Luckily, I finally made the decision (and I've been sticking with it) to work fewer hours. I have a schedule of four four hour days. I had planned on working four hours today so I could be off tomorrow and Sunday. But, I'm thinking I may be better off working tomorrow instead of today. It's not like I had any big plans for tomorrow anyway. I do like the idea of having a weekend off though.

Well, we had a cold front move in late yesterday (probably part of the reason for my increase in pain). Yesterday's high was about 85, today I doubt it will make it to 70. Tomorrow it's suppose to be even colder with a high of 65. I love, love fall, but I don't like the temperature swings we get here. I'm ready for the cooler temps to just settle in and stay. Remind me I said this in a few months will you?

In other news...our local library system finally added Kindle books. YAY!! They had had other ebooks for a while, but not the Kindle. Anyway, they currently have over 4000 books for the Kindle alone. For a book nerd like me, this is the best news ever! I can browse the library catalogue at 3 in the morning if I want to and have the book delivered to me in less than 30 seconds!! I'm giddy I tell ya!!! I know I've touched on this before, but I really feel like the technological era that we are living in makes living with a chronic illness so much easier. We have so many ways to be connected to the outside world. So many things that we can do without leaving our home, without leaving our bed.

Speaking of technology. I finally had a Skype call with my dear friend Cathy. Cathy is someone I met on the MS message boards about 5 or so years ago. We became fast friends. The trouble is we live so far away and, due to us both having chronic illnesses that have kept us from traveling, we've never met in person. Until now. Oh, I know it's not the exact same thing, but it's close. It was so exciting to get to see each other face-to-face. Although, I have to say, next time I want a chance to get made up too. It's totally not fair that Cathy did some primping before our call. She got to see the "natural me" and I'm afraid it aint pretty. Next time, Cathy!

It's time to post this baby and take some pain meds. Here's to a fabulous weekend with cooler temperatures for all!!!


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  1. Shari, I'm sorry you're still having such pain. Perhaps the therapy will help. Some folks can tolerate the exercise, while others can't.

    Our weather has been very much like yours, I can't wait for the cooler temperatures...I can't do hot & humid much longer!

    It's great that you and Cathy have finally started to Skype...There are so many fun ways to stay in touch with people...

    Here's a blog you might be interested in:
    The author has EDS and POTS, she also has classic MG symptoms, but is still not officially diagnosed.

    Have a great weekend...