Saturday, October 8, 2011

And....we're off! The treatment begins!!

First of all, I want to let everyone know that I am still having trouble responding to comments. I've tired logging in under different names/passwords and nothing is working. Until I get it sorted out, I'll respond to comments here. So, I want to give Rachel a big shout out!! Thank you so much for giving me the info on the Myasthenia Kid's blog. I had actually been looking for it this past week, but couldn't find it. I'd read it in the past and just hadn't been able to find my way back. Again, thanks a bunch! I think we may just have a lot in common.

This past week I saw my foot doctor. One of the things Dr. Tinkle wanted me to do was to have new orthotics made. The ones I have are about ten years old and very worn out. Anyway, my foot doctor was very interested in my Ehers Danlos diagnosis. I gave him a copy of the letter that Dr. Tinkle had sent me and one of my other doctors regarding treatment and general info about EDS. He said he felt the orthotics would help keep my feet from rolling in, which in turn would help cut down on my continual sprains. We talked about about how one of my legs is shorter than the other and how that contributes to the rolling in (pronation). It's funny that I never put two and two together that it's my right leg that is shorter and always my right ankle that keeps getting sprained. I get the orthotics made next Tuesday and I should have them in a week or so.

I'm having a great deal of trouble with my neck again. It has been acting up off and on since early last month when I had the run in with our couch. I can tell that it is sliding out of place and it hurts quite a bit. I'm rubbing Ben Gay on it twice a day and taking Tylenol when needed. I'm trying to figure out how to address all of these problems in the different areas of my body. I mean, do I have to have a referral from each specialist I go to for the various parts that are screwed up? I see my PCP at the end of the month and I'll discuss it with him. It seems to me that he could write one referral, but, I want to make sure the PT and OT follow the EDS guidelines. I do not want to be more messed up than I already am.

Okay, that's enough about my health problems. This week has been the 90th Annual Fall Festival in our city. Honestly, they should call it the Fall Feastiville because that's all you do when you go is eat. There are 132 food booths and it seems as though every year the food gets more exotic...Alligator jerky, donut burgers, chocolate bacon, deep fried kool aid (really, fried everything)'s no wonder we were voted the most obese city in America. All of the booths are non profit groups such as churches, school groups, etc and the festival is the big money maker of the year for them. So, of course, we have to go down every year to support them. This year our church had a booth and they had sausage burgers, nachos, strawberry shortcake, and crab Rangoon. I had everything but the crab Rangoon. Tomorrow I'm getting back on my diet! Really, I am. Oh, besides the food booths, they have rides and games. I've never been much into amusement park rides and I'm not very good at the games, so I eat. I'm good at that.

Today, the girls and I are doing some fall baking. We made apple raisin bars, sugar cookies and we are going to make chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, and Oreo cookie truffles. Maybe I'll start that diet next week!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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