Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15, 2011 (because I can't think of a witty title today)

I can't believe it's been so long since I've updated my blog. Is it just me, or does time seem to go faster the older we get? Well, Fall is definitely here. Really, it's almost gone. The leaves, which I always enjoy, seem to only show their colors for a brief few weeks. Then, they are hurried along to their next stage by wind and rain. Speaking of wind, last night we had a wind gust of 62 mph! Poor Pumpkin, who hasn't really experienced any stormy weather, was startled....she jumped and her eyes got real wide. Luckily, that was her only reaction. Our Elmo really, really did not like storms. He would get so panicky that we had to give him medication to calm him down.

Health wise, I'm hanging in there. My herniated disc in my lower back has flared up again. I just turned over in bed and it slipped out of place. I'm trying to baby it today. I'm thankful that I didn't get so bad that I couldn't move. If that ever does happen, I have muscle relaxers here now that should help. Today I had my first appointment with the Physical Therapist for my neck. She said one of my problems was that my upper back was flat. The way she explained it, we are suppose to have a curve (outward, I believe) in our upper back; apparently, I don't have that curve. She said I had a lot of tension in my neck too. She seemed to at least be familiar with Ehler's Danlos as she said she was not going to do certain exercises that she would normally do. I came away with three exercises that are very easy to do. I'm glad that she didn't give me too many and that the ones she did give me were pretty easy to do. That makes it much more likely that I will do them. And, I am going to do them.

Last Friday night, I went to the Mall with Elizabeth and one of her friends, and her friend's mother (who happens to be my friend). I was only there for about an hour and I had to sit down. I had so much pain and weakness. My stamina just wasn't there. I almost had them go rent a wheel chair for me. But, resting seemed to help, so I didn't get one. I hate using a wheelchair. Not so much because it embarrasses me, but because the way the stores are set up. Especially around the Holidays! The stores are just jam packed! The displays are so close that you can't maneuver a chair in them. Then, if you add in the extra shoppers too, well, it's a royal pain!! Speaking of shopping, I'm getting anxious to get started on my shopping. I haven't done any of it. Part of the reason is because my kids have not really told me what they want. Gone are the days of the long lists and stared toy catalogues. Maybe I can work on them over Thanksgiving.  The past few years I've done a lot of online shopping, so I guess I'll do that again. I do enjoy getting out in the stores though. I love the sights, smells and sounds of the stores during the holiday season.

Tonight, Tim and I have a dinner to go to for his work. He's had a retreat all day and it ends with a meal that the spouses are invited to. I have mixed feelings about it. In a way, I'm looking forward to it. His company did away with their Christmas party several years ago (in its place is a day at a local theme park in the summer) and I hated that. I always enjoyed getting out and it was nice to see his co-workers. In a way, this will sort of be like a Christmas party. I'm not looking forward to it because of how I feel now. Bad. Plus, I'm worried about how I will feel during and after the party. I'm not going to let it stop me from going though. This is definitely one of those decisions that those with chronic illnesses have to make on a regular basis. Weighing the pros and cons of activities and outings. I miss being able to come and go as I please, not worrying about how I feel or how I may feel in the immediate future.

I guess it's time for me to get ready for tonight. I hope I can find something suitable to wear.

Have a good evening!


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