Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thank God it's Almost Monday!!

I am so, so exhausted and ready for this weekend to be over!! I had a very eventful night last night. About 1:30 am I received a call from the nursing home where my mother and her sister both live. My aunt was having chest pains and her heart rate and blood pressure were both elevated. So, I jumped into the car and beat the ambulance to the hospital. I was told I couldn't go back to see her until they checked her over. Well, I did not like that one bit, so I went outside to the ambulance bay and met the ambulance. When they opened the doors to lift her out I saw her and told her that I was right there and that I would be back with her very soon. She is 98 years old!!! I didn't want her to be alone or afraid. It ended up not being her heart, instead she has a bowel obstruction. They are trying different things to move things along. Hopefully, something will work. I'm not sure she could survive surgery. Although, she is in great health for her age.

 I was at the hospital until 6 am. I came prepared with my Kindle and my neck pillow. Still, it was a long night and sitting in the hard hospital chair for four hours really did me in. I came home and slept for about three hours. Then, Elizabeth and I went to church. We haven't been in forever and we'd already planned to go...After church I took a two hour nap, then I went to visit my mom. She was very worried about her sister. She's 96 and in poor health; her mind is slipping and I'm not sure how much she really understands. Still, I wanted to explain to her what was going on and try to reassure her that they were doing everything they could. Next, I went to work. I'm taking the week off (my first real week off in about three years!) and I wanted to make sure I had all of my work caught up.

I'm sure by now you can guess how I'm feeling. Utterly exhausted and in pain. But, surprisingly the pain isn't too bad. I'd say it's at about a 3. I'm trying to start rating my pain. I think this will help me make the correct decision when it comes to deciding what meds to take (Tyelnol or Lortab?). Also, maybe I can try and see a pattern with my pain and then try to avoid some of the things I do that are causing me more pain. I'm probably not making any sense as I'm so tired and just out of it.

Tomorrow I see the cardiologist for my echo. I'm sort of nervous about the appointment. I'm not sure how much he knows about the problems EDS can cause with the heart. I have had some autonomic dysfunction and I'd really like to bring that up to him too. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer that I have a productive appointment.

I've been in my bed for the past three hours working and watching TV. I am finally starting to get caught up on some of the shows I'd recorded. Now, I have a lot of Christmas movies that I need to find time for.

OK, I'm starting to fall asleep and I can't be held responsible for what I type. So, I'm signing off now.

Have a blessed evening.


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  1. Keeping your Mom and aunt in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing all a very Happy Thanksgiving!