Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2 NHBPM The Weirdest Thing About My Health

Today I'm writing about the weirdest thing about my health. Oh my! Do I have to pick just one thing? Because I could come up with a bunch of weird, quirky, amazing, disgusting...things about my health. But, because I'm a rule follower, I will pick one (or maybe two or three) thing(s) about my health.

I suppose there's really something weird and just not quite right about a body that can get a twisted ankle it its sleep. Seriously, it's happened to me on more than one occasion. In fact, I have a lot of strange things that happen to me in my sleep. For example, many times, I will wake up with my arms above my head, locked in place. Somehow, I'll manage to get one unstuck, but then I'll have to use the free hand to unstuck the other arm. Weird. I know. My shoulders both tend to slip out of place in my sleep. This can make getting comfortable at night a little difficult. I usually sleep with four or five pillows; strategically placing them around my joints to keep them in place. Oh, did I mention I also sleep with a dog, my husband and his two or three pillows?  Yes, we have quite the crowd in our queen sized bed. While neither of us is obese, we could certainly stand to lose 20 or so pounds a piece. So, yes, we do have to do some arranging so everyone is comfortable. Typing this all out has made me wonder if perhaps some of my problems might be due to the crowd in our bed. Hmmm....something to think about. I'm not sure who or what I'd kick out at this point.

Having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is a bit odd in itself. I'm certainly not making light of the disorder, as I am severely affected with quite a few symptoms. But, just trying teach someone how to pronounce Ehlers Danlos is a bit of a chore (yes, I'm talking about you dear husband). I'm not even sure there's a preferred pronunciation in the medical community as I've heard it pronounced several different ways. Of course, my way is the correct way (kidding, of course.) Besides, the name itself, the signs and symptoms of EDS are just down right strange. Here are a few of the things I exerpience with EDS: When I stand up every morning, the bones in my feet can be heard slipping into place (think someone cracking their knuckles, loudly). Before I got my custom made orthotics, I would sprain my ankles every month or so. Sometimes, many times. Luckily, the orthotics have made a big difference. I have a difficult time writing and am in the process of getting splints for my fingers to keep them in place. My joints in my hands slip around too. This can be quite painful and it happens at random times. I won't go through every body part that is affected, but let's just say nearly every joint is affected in some way. Some, more severely than others. Both of my knees and hips have osteoarthritis from the EDS. Oh, I forgot. My neck partially dislocates at times!! This scary! This is painful! My family has grown accustom to my sudden, out of the blue screams and they realize that something has probably just popped out of place. However, when I'm out in public and let out a scream, I usually get some strange looks.

Okay, I could go on and on, but I won't. I've provided just a few, weird examples of my life with EDS. I have to say that the weirdness at least peaks the interest of others; giving me a chance to educate them and bring awareness to EDS. So, that's a good thing.

For those wanting more information on EDS, click on  Ehlers Danlos National Foundation under the chronic illness links to the right.

See you tomorrow!

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