Friday, November 9, 2012

NHBPM Day 9: Create a Care Package for Someone with a Chronic Illness

I think this is going to be a fun topic to write about. We all enjoy getting a package full of little gifts; those of us who don't get out much appreciate it even more. If you have a friend who has a chronic illness he or she will be happy that you've taken the time to put together a package for them.

Let's get the medicinal stuff out of the way first. You might  want to send ice and heat packs, a small variety pack of cold and pain meds (for those time when an illness strikes and it's too hard to get out), tissue and heat rub such as Ben Gay. Think about what your friend uses on a regular basis. Has she mentioned something she might need? Include that if you can.

For fun, send some of your friend's favorite magazines. Maybe  send crossword or other puzzle books. Include warm, fuzzy socks, lotions or body butter. A CD or a DVD would be a nice distraction and help pass the time. If it's in the budget, send a warm, fuzzy blanket or new pajamas.

For those times when your friend is able to get out, add some gift cards to a favorite restaurant and/or movie theater. A gift certificate for a massage or manicure is always appreciated.

I think the packaging of the gift is important. Send the gift in a cute, reusable basket or bag. Above all, when you drop the care package off, spend some time with your friend (if he or she is up to it.) Bring an ice cream or take-out for her. Think about bringing a  family-sized dinner (that you've cooked and froze) that she can take out of the freezer and reheat for those days when she's not feeling her best.

It's fun to give gifts to others, especially when you're remembering an ill friend. It helps take your mind off of your own troubles for a while and it just feels good to know you are helping someone out.

I've inspired myself. I can think of a friend who can really use a care package about now. I think I'll go start a list of things I can include in a basket for her.

See you all tomorrow!

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