Thursday, January 24, 2013

Organizing Meds & Other Stuff

I want to be this organized person that I appear to be. And, in some ways, I guess I am. But, if you start digging around in my closets, drawers, cabinets and garage (please, no! Stay away from the garage!) you'll see that I'm not. It's only an illusion brought about by the lack (most of the time) of stacks and piles of stuff in the public areas of our home. This is something that I really want to work on. Something that I have to work on for several reasons. One, as I've said before, I'm devoting more of my time to getting the house ready to sell. Organizing is just something that goes along with that. As a former Realtor, I can tell you that it does make a big difference in the showing of a home. And, I need to be more organized so I can have a little less worry and a bit more peace in my life. In all of our lives.

Okay, so what's driving me to really, REALLY get started on this this time? I'll tell you what it is. I screwed up my medication order again! Back in late December I called in an order to our mail order pharmacy. I ordered two of my meds. At the time, I either didn't realize or didn't pay that much attention to the fact that one of my meds could not be refilled again until the 20th of January! This was the same medication that I screwed up last time it was up for a refill. I tried to refill this at our local pharmacy and it wouldn't go through. I finally called them and they told me that it was being filled by the mail order company. After several phone calls, I figured out what had happened. Unfortunately, this mix up has the chance to leave me short a few days worth of this particular medication. I did call the local pharmacy back and they said that they would be able to give me enough to tide me over until the medication came in the mail. I think I'll be okay because I missed a few doses and according to the UPS website it looks as if the medication arrived in town yesterday. So, I'm hoping by today or tomorrow at the latest I'll have them. I obviously need to set up some sort of system for my medication. I do have some of them on auto refill. I probably should put all of them on that. But, at the end of the year, I nearly always use the mail order company because I can get 3 months worth of meds usually for free as I've met my deductible by them. When the year starts again though, I always seem to go back to our local pharmacy. I like being able to get my medication quickly and without a hassle. For some reason, we've had trouble with the mail order company when it comes to communication with my doctor. This weekend, I'm going to get all of my meds out and figure out when I will need them to be refilled next. And, either put them on auto refill, or make a notation in my planner when I need to call them in to be refilled. It's such an easy solution to what has the potential to be a big, big problem. Am I the only one who has this much trouble managing my medications? I do have a big pill organizer that I fill every weekend, so I have that part down pat. It's just the making sure I have the medications here when I need them.

On to other stuff. I quit my job!! I really did it this time. I just went in and talked to my boss. She said she was afraid that was what I was going to say. The nice thing is, I'm going to stay on the payroll and sort of just work freelance. I'm at a standstill on the one project I've been working on. We need warmer weather so Katie can go out and take pictures at the cemetery for me. So, come spring I'll probably have more work if I want it. By then, I may be eager to get back to work. For now, I'm happy with my decision.

Today has been a bad day. I've just been so down. I know it will take time, but some days it just seems too much to bear. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that grief has to be so much harder for those of us with chronic illness. So much of our bodies energy goes into just keeping us up and moving. Any additional stress just can't be good. We have a grief counselor through Hospice and I think it's time I make a call. We talked briefly after my Aunt died, but that's been nearly a month ago now. I'm also thinking about going back to private counseling. Part of my problem is that I do not want to go anywhere. The thought of making an appointment and going to it just seems too difficult. Next week, I'm starting a small group study at a local church with one of my friends. I'm even dreading that. Plus, Winter Jam 2013 is coming to town (for those not familiar with Winter Jam it's a tour of 10 or so top Christian bands) next week too. I went a few years ago and really enjoyed it, but I'm dreading it too. I know once I go to these things I'll be fine and I'll be glad that I went, but it's just making that effort and going against what my brain is trying to tell me to do (or, rather not do.)

In my personal EDS news (not sure how to word that...HA), I'm having issues with my TMJ. I had my usual six month check-up and cleaning a few weeks ago. The woman who cleaned my teeth was a little rough. My mouth itself was a bit sore after that, but within a few days it was better. Then, the following week, I had to have a filling repaired. That really messed up my jaw. It's so sore. Plus, I cannot open my mouth all of the way. I knew when the dentist was doing the work that my jaw was starting to hurt, but I didn't say anything. My mistake! I need to call my TMJ specialist for an appointment. Another thing I need to do that I'm dreading. Here is a link to the Ehlers Danlos National Foundation's Medical Resource Guide for dental/oral care.

Well, that's all for now. It's time for me to go med up! Story of my life!



  1. I've always wanted to be as organized at home as I was in at work...It will probably never happen! I can't imagine packing up 40+ years of "stuff" if we ever sold, but the thought of a one story home seems more practical every day. I hope you get a handle on the medications, there's nothing worse than having to much of something and not enough of another...I've thought about doung thing via mail, but I really don't save, all of my rx comes out of pocket...

  2. Hi Rachel, I just saw your comment. We love our one story home; it's so worth all of the hassles of moving. If you decide to move, I'm sure you will fell the same. I've pretty much decided to give up the mail order meds. We don't really save that much from buying locally and I hate the fact that they aren't as accessible as the local pharmacy.