Saturday, February 13, 2016

We're continuing to add to our collection of illnesses here. Since I last posted, I've been diagnosed with both Glaucoma and Cataracts. I've also continued to have a problem with severe dry eyes. My eye doctor thinks it could be from the Hashimoto's or possible from another autoimmune condition. She wants me to see a Rheumatologist, but I haven't had any luck getting my primary care doctor to refer me. I started on eye drops for Glaucoma about six weeks ago and they are working. I have normal tension glaucoma, which means my eye pressures aren't high, but I do have damage to my optic nerve. My dry eyes haven't responded very well to the eye drops that I've been using; I'm having to use them nearly every hour, so I've started on a nighttime eye ointment. It's been hard to get used to as it's sort of like putting Vaseline in my eyes. Ugh! I'm wondering if pinpointing the cause of the dry eyes would help. If we could treat the underlying cause, maybe it would help the dry eye. It makes sense to me.

In other news, our newlywed daughter spent Christmas morning and early afternoon in the ER. We had just finished eating breakfast, when her pain got severe. She had abdominal pain, but also had pain in her upper back. She felt so bad that I convinced her to go have it checked out. At first, I thought it might be a kidney stone, but I know that pain is usually felt lower down. Then, I thought maybe it was her gallbladder as she had some upper abdominal pain and the pain between the shoulder blades. But, she really didn't fit the typical gallbladder patient profile (yes, I know there are always exceptions). She eats  a very healthy diet, exercises, is very thin and young. I think we all thought it could have something to do with her microscopic colitis or maybe it was a virus. I'm so glad she was taken seriously when she got to the ER. We've all hear stories of people being blown off (especially young females) and labeled as drug seekers. She's like I used to be though, she did not want pain meds. Her husband and the doctors finally convinced her that it would be a good thing for her to get something for the pain. They put her on morphine and it helped, although she said it didn't completely alleviate the pain. They did a CAT scan, ultrasound, blood tests, and EKG. The tests showed that she had one large ovarian cyst that had ruptured and it had filled her abdomen with fluid. On top of that, her other ovary had multiple cysts. No wonder the poor girl was in so much pain! After getting IV fluids and the morphine, she was well enough to go back home after four or five hours. Later in the day, she was able to come back by our house so we could finish opening gifts. We talked about how their first Christmas as a married couple would always be one to remember. Then, she brought up how on their first New Year's Eve as a couple, they were running stool samples of hers to the hospital lab. I think that's probably when she knew she had a keeper. Her husband has stood by her, been so caring and attentive and he's been eager to learn about her various illnesses. That's very admirable, especially for a 22 year old young man. She's had two more bouts with ovarian cysts rupturing since then. This past week, she thought she had one again, but she didn't. The ultrasound just showed excess fluid again. Her gynecologist thinks there's a strong possibility that she has endometriosis. The plan is to wait another month or so to see if her pain improves. If it doesn't, they are going to do laprascopic surgery to check for endometriosis. If she has it, they will remove it during the procedure. They've tested her for polycystic ovarian syndrome, but the tests thus far have been negative. Although, I spoke with someone who said currently available tests don't always show the illness (that sounds familiar!). I know she wants to start a family in the next few years, so I hope she can get everything figured out and treated before then.

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