Monday, April 25, 2016

Miscellaneous Monday

I didn't post as much as I would have liked last week as I was not doing very well. I've been having trouble with my lower back. I don't think it's a disc because I've had disc issues in the past and this just feels different. I'm worried that it could be my sacroiliac joint. It can go along with EDS. I'm worse when I wake up in the morning and after I've been sitting for a bit. I'm trying to decide if I should call the doctor or not. Even if there's nothing they can do, I'd like to know exactly what it is that's wrong. Do any of you EDSers out there have trouble with the SI joint? If so, what kind of treatment have you had? How were you diagnosed?

I saw my eye doctor again last week for my Glaucoma check. Thankfully, my new medication is working! It dropped the pressure in both eyes by nearly 20%. Unfortunately, I had to move on to a more expensive medication after the first one quit working. While I was there, she checked my dry eyes. My eyes are producing some oil on my lower lids, but not enough. The upper lid glands are blocked, this is unchanged from my previous check. There is at least some improvement from my last check. I've been using the warm, moist compresses every day along with using the moisturizing eye drops. She wants me to try a gel at nighttime again. I'd tried one before, but it didn't help much. So, she's starting me on a different brand. I'm so thankful that I have an eye doctor who takes the time to explain everything to me and who sees me often. 

Those of you who have read my blog regularly will know that I've posted about loneliness in the past. Well, I've made a significant effort to combat that. Th last few weeks, I've gone out with a friend. The first week, I met an old friend at the coffee shop inside a local bookstore. We chatted for about an hour or so, then went to look at books. We had a lot of fun! Last week, I went to lunch with two old friends. It was so nice to get out. I did have a sense of dread before I went each time, but I have felt so much better. I have plans to meet another friend for ice cream on Wednesday. I realized that part of my problem with hanging out with my friends is the fact that I am reluctant to let them know what my limitations are. Today, I invited my friend out but told her I needed to stay close to home, and I couldn't be out too long. I am getting my hair cut that morning and that same evening I have somewhere else I need to be. I suppose I could have asked if we could go a different day, but this day worked for both of us. She was very understanding. It made me realize that I need to speak up, and if a friend doesn't try to understand, they aren't really much of a friend. It'll be interesting to see if I continue to feel happier when I get the chance to go out. I don't know if I can keep up with a weekly outing, but every other week, or even once a month would be better than what I've been doing. 

Are you able to keep doing things wth your friends? How have things changed since you became ill? I'd love to hear how you've handled keeping your friends, and perhaps making new ones. 

Hopefully, I'll be back on schedule on Friday and can blog about food. If you have any ideas for my Foodie Friday posts, please feel free to share them. I can use all of the help I can get. Thanks in advance!

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