Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday Musings

Well, here I am again with not a whole lot to say about any one thing, and a little bit about a lot of things. Here goes nothing...

After a brief cold snap, the Springlike weather has returned, and even though we really didn't have much of a Winter here at all, it's still nice that Spring is officially here. I'm hoping that it will
bring more sunshine and less rain. Even though we didn't get much snow or cold, we had a lot of cloudy, rainy days over the past few months. I've come to realize that a lack of sunlight really does affect my moods. I guess I need to pay closer attention to my theory to see if it holds together.

I spent a few days last week nursing an injured back. I'm not sure what I did, but I suspect I either pulled a muscle or did something to cause one of my herniated discs to flare up. Regardless of the cause, I took muscle relaxers and a few pain pills to get me through the worst. I had to use my cane for several days, too. I was a mess! I will say it got me to thinking about a few things. For one, I really, really need to be aware of my limitations. I was vacuuming, leaning over too far when the injury happened. I know better than that. Also, I have got to get over the whole "being embarrassed while using a cane thing." The funny thing is, I'm more embarrassed to use it when I'm with my husband than when I'm by myself. I'm not sure why. It's not as if he has ever shamed me for using one. Excuse me while I go analyze myself.

I had an eye appointment a few weeks ago. This was for an OCT and Visual Field test. As usual, it lasted well over two hours. I love my eye doc, but I do not like the waiting. Anyway, after the tests were done, the doctor went over them with me. She was concerned about the results of one of them, so she wanted to repeat it. She said it could just be an error or something like that, but the repeat test results were the same. I'd already told her I was going to leave after the test, but I'd really thought it was going to be normal. I haven't heard back from her, she could be waiting for my next appointment to go over the results with me, I'm not sure. I suppose I should call her office, but I'm almost afraid to.

I still haven't received a referral to a Rheumatologist, and I've given up, at least for now. I still have severe dry eyes, increasing spells of dry mouth, dry skin and, rarely, a very dry nose. All of that along with my severe muscle pain. Yes, the muscle pain could be from my Ehler's Danlos Syndrome, or perhaps my thyroid, but with elevated autoimmune levels in the past, it has me concerned. For now, I'll at least make sure my primary care doctor does routine autoimmune blood work. To be honest, I just can't deal with finding out that I have yet another illness. Maybe it's denial, maybe not. Between my eye appointment ordeal and the thought that I may have another autoimmune disease, well it's just too much to think about now. Am I the only one who gets this way? It's hard enough to deal with the illnesses I do have without having to start with another one. That would mean more doctor's appointments, more tests, and possibly more medication. No thank you!

I suppose that's enough of my rambling er musing. I hope everyone out there is doing well. Leave me a comment and let me know what you're thinking. I do love hearing from my readers. A private message is always welcome, too. Until next time, here's a bit of sunshine to enjoy...

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